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Please view our mission statement above. Coming soon in Sept 2018......TFD announces expert physio, strength & conditioning, plus goalkeeping specialists to join the team.

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Below is the Bio/Story of TFD's Founder and the football journey that lead to TFD's creation.



33 YO           6 ft             77 KG         Right Footed (but loves both)

Aged 9 - 11 Doncaster Rovers, CoE

Aged 11 - 15 Nottingham Forest CoE Ben O'Neill
It is here where my developmental coaching philosophy was born.  Twelve months into my Forest contract we were banned from counting scores, they revolutionized our style of play into possession dominance, and they began to give us personal score cards for weekend matches, based on their developmental criteria.

Aged 15-16 Trialled repeatedly at Leeds United, Sheffield United, Lincoln and Grimsby.

Aged 16 -18 Studied to attain necessary grades do a degree in Physiotherapy.

Aged 18 - 21 BSC Hons Physiotherapy. Brunel University, West London.

Aged 21 Right to Dream Academy, Old Akrade, Ghana. Volunteer Physio and Junior Coach.
My experience here was mind blowing. Right to Dream scours West Africa ID'ing the finest talents and providing them with a secondary school education, potentially a tertiary education and a football education. Over 18 years Right to Dream has produced several players who've been capped by the Ghanaian national team.

Aged 22 FA level 2 Coaching Certificate.
Coerver Coaching SW England Assistant coach.

Aged 23 - 25 Coerver Coaching Elite Development Academy, Perth, WA. Junior coach, graduating to senior coach & then on to Coaching Co-ordinator with the original Football Tech Academy.
This was the game-changing experience in my football life. A meeting in Heathrow Airport, with an FC Porto coach, who had set his sights on changing the face of WA football, lead to a job offer for me 1000's of miles from my then home, in London.
I took the opportunity, and received under him the most intense tuition, in his curriculums and philosophies.
Those were founded upon Coerver Coaching, but also crafted from our best players and coaches, visiting Real Madrid, Sporting Lisbon, Benfica, Cruzeiro, Fluminense & Atletico Mineiro on an annual basis, & then reporting back.
Coerver Coaching WA, then rebranded to Football Tech.

Aged 25-27 Football Coaching Sabbatical

Aged 28-29 Football Tech (under new management), WA. I played a relatively low key, part-time role, in coaching within Football Tech, as I strongly disagreed with developmental decision making.

Aged 30 Launched Total Football Development. See mission statement to understand why TFD was created.

Aged 32 Total Football Development & Steven McGarry FC partnered to enhance TFD's Developmental Pathway from 6-18. TFD focuses on the development of 6-13-year-olds. SMFC focuses on 13/14 - 18-year-olds.

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