TFD's winter program is heavily geared towards progressing the technical attributes of our footballers. At a time where club football is in full swing we see the need for ball mastery to be at the heart of our training. Every session is designed to nurture the player's relationship with the ball where a high volume of touches is the focus. The sessions build from isolated to contested practice and finally overload/underload situations when the player's can implement the ball mastery learnt into game realistic moments.  

TFD's SUMMER PROGRAM (Elite Competition)

TFD's Summer PCL program (September 19th - Dec 20th) presents the best opportunity to advance your player towards excellence, quicker than ever. 

Why is PCL unique?

  • PCL is a squad based authentic academy structure which more closely resembles European methodology than was ever deliverable before.
  • Your GKs are catered for with a specialist goalkeeping academy schedule.
  • Your players team will have a minimal differential between the quality of its worst player and the quality of its best player.
  • Closely matched opposing squads for all matches.
  • Both goalkeepers and outfield players alike will be provided up to 5.5 hours of football per week, with a minimum of 3 hours/ 2 sessions per week being mandatory to accept a position in the Academy. This ensures all players will separately be able to hit their own technical and intellectual learning targets and come together to meet squad based learning goals. Hence the authenticity of TFD using the word academy for the first time.
  • Every minute of training and competition will be overseen by a pro coach, against hand picked opponents.

To accurately assess what options are necessary for your player to advance their ability rapidly, grow their love of the game & maintain a competitive advantage over their peers, please contact our team.

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